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Activating & Using The LMS Funnel Addon For Course Funnels

In your user account, you will get to download the latest version of all WPFunnels plugins along with WPFunnels LMS Funnel Addon.

You will notice, that this Addon will also have a separate license key in your user account.

Download it. Then install and activate the Addon. (Make sure you have WPFunnels Pro and LearnDash activated on your site to be able to activate it,)

Once you install and activate the LMS Funnel Addon, you need to collect its license key from your user account and activate it in Dashboard > WPFunnels > License.

Once it’s activated, you are ready to create Course Funnels.

When you go to create a funnel and click on Add New Funnel, there, you will find a tab called LMS templates. (If you have WooCommerce, then there will be another tab for that).

In the LMS templates tab, you will find several course funnel templates or you will be able to create a funnel from scratch.

There, you will be able to assign courses to the right step offers.

Convert A WooCommerce Funnel Into An LMS Funnel

You might have a course funnel that you created using WooCommerce Addon and a WooCommerce based template. You can easily convert it into an LMS funnel.

Follow the steps below to activate the Sales Funnels for LMS:

1. Edit your existing funnel or create a new funnel.

Here, in the top right corner of the window, you will see three dots – it’s the funnel menu option, click on the dots and a menu bar will open.

Funnel Menu

Select the Settings option from the menu bar.

WPFunnels - Settings

Once you click on the Settings option, the Funnel Settings drawer will slide open from the right side of the window.

2. Click on the “Use this funnel for LMS only” checkbox and click on the Save Changes button.

LMS Sales Funnel Support

And that’s it. The funnel will be converted to an LMS funnel. You now have to assign courses to the right steps and edit each step to swap out the widgets with LMS widgets.

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