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How To Create And Send Daily Recurring Email Campaigns In Mail Mint

You can create Daily Recurring Email Campaigns in Mail Mint very easily.

By leveraging the power of recurring campaigns, you can effectively engage with your subscribers over time and send them the latest newsletters, blog posts, new product arrivals, etc.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to create and send Daily Recurring Email Campaigns. 

Step 1: Create A Regular Email Campaign

1. First, go to Mail Mint > Campaigns module and select “+ New Campaign“.

Create New Campaign - Mail Mint

Once you click on this, a popup will appear. You’ll find three options there –

  • Regular Email Campaign
  • Email Sequence Campaign
  • Sequence For Automation

2. On the campaign creation window, select the “Regular Email Campaign“. This will allow you to send recurring emails over a predefined period.

Create Regular Email Campaign

Step 2: Set Up the Campaign Details

1. Provide a name for your campaign to help you identify it later. And then add the necessary information for your campaign.

Set up campaign information

3. Now, click on “Edit Your Template” to finalize the email design. You can either create an email design from scratch or use a pre-made template.

Design Recurring Email

Step 3: Design Your Recurring Email

1. On the Email Builder, add “Posts” block if you want to send the latest posts to your subscribers. You may also choose the “Products” block to send the latest products via email.

Add Posts block in email

2. Configure the “Posts” or “Products” block. Here, we’ve added the post block, so you need to configure the following things –

  • Choose layout: choose from any layout available
  • Title: customize as you need
  • Display post: customize as you need
  • Filter: select “Latest posts”
  • Post quantity: set 1 if you want to send the latest post
  • Button text: customize as you need
Configure Post Block

3. After designing your email according to your needs, click on “Next“.

Click Next

Step 4: Configure Recurring Options

1. Once you are satisfied with the content, review everything one final time and click on “Send“.

Click Send

2. Select “Recurring” and choose “Daily” under the Repeat option. Set how you want to repeat by specifying the day and time.

For example, you can choose to repeat every 1 day (which means every day) at 1 AM.

Then configure –

  • Start Date: select a specific start date
  • End Date: you can set “Never End” or set “Till” a specific date
Recurring - Daily

3. Define conditions such as, Send emails if Blog posts / Pages / Products publishes within “x” days.

Choose - blogs, pages or products

4. You may add multiple conditions using “And” if needed.

Add -And- condition if needed

5. You may also add multiple conditions using “Or” if needed.

Add -Or- condition if needed

6. Now that you’ve defined the conditions, your subscribers will receive emails automatically when the conditions are met.

Schedule campaign

That’s it! You have successfully created a Daily Recurring Email Campaign in Mail Mint.

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