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How to Export Contacts From Mail Mint

Now you can easily export your existing contacts in Mail Mint. Here’s how,

First, go to the Contacts module and click on “Export”.

Click on Export

Once you do that you’ll be redirected to another window where you will be able to select all the fields and how you want to export the contacts.

On that window, you must provide a title to the CSV file that you want to export.

Give a title to the excel sheet that you want to export

After this select the fields that have your customer information and you’d like to have it in your exported file. The email, first name, and last name fields will be automatically selected. Along with the basic contact information, you can also export which status they are in and if they had any lists or tags assigned to them or not.

Select the fields you want to export

After this, you can also select if you want to export contacts from only a specific segment or not. From the example following, you can see that we only have one segment which is “Potential Customer”. So if you only want to export your potential customers’ list you can do that as well.

export a specific segment

Once you are done selecting all the necessary options, simply click on “Next”

click on next button

Once you go to the next window, you’ll see a preview of the few contacts and the selected fields to be exported.

From there, you can select if you want your CSV file to be comma-separated or semicolon separated so that you can import them later with more efficiency.

export file CSV Delimiter

Once you’ve selected the delimiter, simply click on “Export”

export contacts

Once you click on the “Export” button your contacts will be exported to a CSV file and you’ll be redirected to the last window where you can download the CSV file from.

download the exported file

You must not skip this step. If you go back and don’t download the file then you’ll need to go back and select everything from scratch again to export.

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