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How To Create A Custom Opt-in Form For Collecting Leads

With Mail Mint, you can easily create opt-in forms for collecting leads.

In this guide, you’ll learn how you can create the forms and start collecting more qualified leads.

Let’s get started.

Create A Custom Opt-in Form for Collecting Leads

Follow these simple steps to create a custom opt-in form using Mail Mint.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Mail Mint.

Click on Forms > + New Forms.

Create new form

Here, you’ll find 2 options.

  • Import one of our pre-built templates.
  • Create from scratch.

In this guide, we’ll create one from scratch.

Click on the Start From Scratch to build your form.

Choose Start From Scratch

Step 3: Put on a relevant title in the Title field.

Then assign a List & Tag for whom you want to tag this form.

Title and Assigning Lists & Tags

Step 4: After putting up the Title, List & Tag, there are some settings to configure.


Confirmation Settings

Here you’ll get 3 options to confirm the prospects about their input. 

By selecting the Same Page, you let your prospects stay on the same page after they put their information.

You can show them a message in the Message To Show box to ensure a successful submission.

You can either keep the form as it is or hide the form or reset the form after the submission by selecting the After Form Submission options None, Hide Form, or Reset Form respectively.

Confirmation Setting opt-in form - Same Page

By selecting “To A Page” you can redirect your prospects to another page with a confirmation message.

Confirmaation Type- To a page

You can redirect your prospects to a custom URL link by choosing “To A Custom URL” with a redirection message.

Confirmation type to a custom URL


You can choose different Layout options to show up your form to the prospects.

Layout Option


You can control the appearance of your form with this setting. You can display your form on all pages or all posts or all products by selecting any of the marked options.

Appearance Settings

Close Button Color

You can choose the close button’s icon color & background color by this setting.

Close Button Color Setting

Extra Settings

You can determine how many days the form will take to reappear after the expired days of the cookies.

Extra Settings

Creating A Form in Mail Mint

Now we will learn about the Mail Mint form widgets to create a form from scratch. 

Click on the + button at the upper left portion of the canvas.

Click On The Plus Button

To create the form you will get these widgets that you will drag & drop on the visual canvas. 

Select Widgets

You can design the form the way you want using these widgets. 

Mint Custom Field lets you create a form with 6 different fields type Text, Text Area, Radio Button, Checkbox, Select & Date.

Mail Mint Custom Field

Using the Mint Button widget you can change the Button Text & Button Style.

Mint Button

You can use the other Gutenberg widgets to design your form as per your preference.
Once you are done building your form, you can save the form as a draft or Publish the form.

Save or Publish the form

After clicking on the publish button, a shortcode will appear at the upper left corner of the canvas.

Copy the shortcode to set the form to any page, post, or product.

Copy Shortcode

Now get back to the lists of forms you created & make sure the active status of the form is turned on, otherwise it won’t work on any platform.

Turn the Form Active Status On

So, that’s all for creating a Form from scratch using Mail Mint.

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