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How To Set Time Delay In Mail Mint Pop-up Form

With Mail Mint, you can easily set a time delay for the Pop-up Forms.

For that, you need Mail Mint Free and Mail Mint Pro installed and activated on your site with a valid license key.

So let’s create a Form from scratch.

Step 1: Create A Form In Mail Mint

1. On the WordPress Dashboard, go to Mail Mint > Forms and click on “+ New Form” to create a new form.

Create New Form

2. Now you can select an existing Email Template or click on Create From Scratch.

Mail Mint Form - start from scratch

3. Set up the Form Title and Assign To your desired Lists or Tags.

Set up Mail Mint form

4. Click on the plus button to add a new Form Field.

Mail Mint Form - add new form field

5. Select any Form Field and add it to your form. Here I am adding the Mint First Name field.

Mail Mint form field

Now let’s move on to configuring the Form Type Settings.

Step 2: Configure Form Type

1. Click on the Form Type and select Pop Up. This will show you some additional options below for the Pop-up feature.

Form Type - Pop Up Form

2. Enable the Pop-up Time Delay option.

Enable Pop-up Time Delay

3. Now set the time delay in Seconds.

Set time delay

4. After you configure everything, Publish your form and copy the Form Shortcode to embed it on any page where you want to capture leads.

Copy Form Shortcode

That’s how you can easily set up a time delay for the pop-up form to show up.

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