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Troubleshooting For Mail Mint

1. Email Sending Limits
2. Error 500
3. Mail Mint Default Pages Got Deleted

1. Email Sending Limits

Here’s the Lists of Hosts and Their Email Sending Limits.

2. Error 500

You may follow the steps below to resolve it:

  • Use the latest version of the Mail Mint plugins.
  • If you are using Mail Mint Pro, then check if it is activated with a valid License Key.
  • Go to WordPress Settings > Permalinks and click on Save Changes.

If the issue still persists, kindly reach us directly at [email protected].

3. Mail Mint Default Pages Got Deleted

When you install and activate Mail Mint on your site, you’ll see some default pages are created. Such as –

  • Mail Mint Opt-in Confirmation
  • Mail Mint Preference
  • Mail Mint Unsubscribe Confirmation

You can edit these pages or delete them. Sometimes these pages get deleted accidentally and you need to create them again.

Here’s the guide on How To Create Mail Mint Default Pages.



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