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How To Create And Send Regular Email Campaigns In Mail Mint

You can easily create email campaigns to run automated email marketing throughout your contact list.

You may create three types of Email campaigns in Mail Mint,

  • Regular Email Campaign
  • Sequence Email Campaign
  • Sequence For Automation

In this guide, you’ll learn to can create a Regular Email Campaign.

Create Regular Email Campaigns In Mail Mint

Follow these simple steps to create a regular email campaign with Mail Mint.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard.

Click on the Campaigns tab on left.

How To Create A Regular Email Campaign In Mail Mint

It will take you to the Campaigns page.

Step 2: Here, click on +New Campaign to create a campaign.

Next, on the campaign type selection page, choose the Regular Email Campaign option.

Regular Email Campaign

Step 3: Set a Title for your Campaign.

Set Title for Regular Campaign

Step 4: Now Choose the receiver list for your campaign from the Subscriber options.

Select Subscriber for Regular Campaign

You can choose it by Tag, List, or Segment.

Select List for Regular Campaign

You can apply multiple Tags, Lists, or Segments as well.

Select Tag for Regular Campaign

Step 5: Once you’re done selecting the subscriber list, Set a Subject Line and Preview Text for your campaign.

Email Subject and Preview Text

Step 6: Now set the sender’s name & email in the Form field.

Email Sender Address

Once you’re done setting up these, click on Select A Template.

template select

You’ll find 2 options here,

-> Create an email from Scratch.

-> Choose one of the stunning Mail Mint email templates.

In this guide, we’ll choose one of these ready-made templates that you can import with one click to make the process faster.

Choose Template

Step 7: Once you choose the template most suitable to you, you can make the required changes.

And once you think that everything looks alright, you can check it in real-time by sending a test email.

Send Test Mail

Set one of your own emails where you can check out how the email turned out and click on the Send button.

sending test mail

Once you’re ensured that the email is working alright, click on the Save button to save all your progress and click on the Next button to go forward.

Save Email Template

Step 8: Now you’ll land on the campaign settings page.

Here, simply click on the Save Draft button to save all your work.

Save The Email Draft

Step 9: Click on the Send button to send this campaign.

Send Mail

Now, you can send this campaign right now, or you can schedule it.

Send Email Campaign Now - Mail Mint

If you, click on the Send Now button, this campaign will be activated right away.

Active campaign

Or, you can click on the Schedule button, and set the Date & Time when you your users to receive this email.

Schedule an Email Campaign - Mail Mint

Now just click on the Schedule option and your campaign will be dispatched at the exact time you’ve scheduled it.

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