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How To Add Cart Details In Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

You can easily add the cart items to the recovery emails that you’re sending your abandoned users.

Add Cart Recovery URL

To track if your users are purchasing from your email or not you have to add the abandoned cart URL to your buttons.

This is the link that will track if the cart is recovered – {{cart.recovery_url}}

Here’s how you can utilize it.

Recovery URL

Show Cart Items In Emails

If you want to show the cart items to your users in the emails, you can do it as well. 

You can show cart items in your email in 2 different ways.

1. Using the Cart Items Merge Tag

Simply, select a text block and drop it in the email.

And then add the placeholder from Cart.

Cart Items

2. Using the Cart Block

i) Simply, select the Carts block and drop it in the email.

Cart block in email

ii) Now move on to configure the carts block.

Cart block configuration

iii) At first, you can configure the Cart block Content.

  • Heading
  • Choose layout – Cart table or Product grid
  • Product quantity (appears when you select the Product grid layout)
  • Button text
Cart block - Content

iv) Then you can configure the Dimension of the Cart block.

Cart block - Dimension

v) Moving on, you have the option to customize Color for different things.

Cart block - Color

vi) At last, customize the Typography for different sections inside the block.

Cart block - Typography

That’s how you can easily customize the emails for cart recovery.

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