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How To Use Variable Products In WPFunnels Checkout

With WPFunnels, you can easily let your customers choose a product variation at the funnel checkout page. For that, your need WPFunnels Free and WPFunnels Pro installed and activated on your site.

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step process.

1. First, create a new funnel or edit an existing one.

Sales Funnel with checkout step

2. Click on the Checkout Step and then on the Settings icon. This will open a checkout settings configuration tab.

Checkout step - settings

3. Now Search for the variable parent product that you want to offer on your funnel checkout.

Search for product

4. Then click on + Add Product to add the product at checkout.

Add product on checkout

5. Once the variable parent product is added. it will look like this. Then you can close the Checkout settings tab.

Variable parent product

6. Now, view the checkout step.

View checkout page

7. On the checkout step page, you will see the option to choose your desired variation.

Variation selection option

8. Once you choose a variation, the product price will also get adjusted automatically. In case you want to remove the product variation, click on “Clear Variations”.

Product variation

That’s it, now you can easily offer variable products and let users choose the variation.

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