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reCAPTCHA Verification In Mail Mint

Here’s how you can set up the reCAPTCHA for Mail Mint Form.

1. Once you have Mail Mint & Mail Mint Pro installed and activated on your website, go to Mail Mint Settings > reCAPTCHA.

Mail Mint reCAPTCHA Settings

2. Then Enable reCAPTCHA from this page.

Enable reCAPTCHA

3. Go to Google reCAPTCHA and register your site. Then collect the Site Key and Secret Key.

Google reCAPTCHA

4. Now go back to Mail Mint reCAPTCHA Settings and set up the Site Key

Set reCAPTCHA Site Key

5. After that, set up the Secret Key.

Set reCAPTCHA Secret Key

6. After you configure everything, click on Save Settings.

Save reCAPTCHA Settings

So that’s how you can easily add reCAPTCHA to your Mail Mint Form.

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