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WP Fusion Integration

You can connect WPFunnels with WP Fusion to set up automation based on different triggers in the funnel and send data to your desired CRM tool.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create automated workflows by integrating WPFunnels with WP Fusion.

Step 1: Install WPFunnels Integration Add-on

To use WP Fusion with WPFunnels, first, you need to make sure that the following plugins are installed and activated on your site:

  • WPFunnels
  • WPFunnels – Pro
  • WPFunnels Integration Addon

Once the plugins are installed & activated, you can go to the next step.

Step 2: Connect Your CRM To WP Fusion

You must make sure you have connected your desired CRM tool to WP Fusion.

Step 3: Enable WP Fusion Integration

Go to Dashboard > WPFunnels > Integrations.

WPFunnels Integrations Page

Scroll down and look for WP Fusion Integration.

Find WP Fusion for integration

Enable it and the integration will be active.

WP Fusion Integration Activated

Step 4: Define User Events To Send Funnel Data To WP Fusion

Go to a funnel, and in the top right corner click on the options icon (3 dots). Here, you will find the option “Integrations.” Click on it.

Find the Integrations option in the funnel canvas

It will open up a window for you to set up the user events. Name the integration and choose WP Fusion as the preferred CRM.

Choose WP Fusion As the preferred CRM

Below, you will see the columns where you will be able to define the user events (on the left column). Based on the events, you may define which list the user will be added to in your CRM (in the right column).

**WP Fusion inherits your existing CRM tool’s lists and tags by default. So you will be able to define them here accurately.

User Events to send data
Assign lists for user events

Define the events you want to trigger the automation when your prospects go through the funnel.

User events defined for WP Fusion

Then click on the Save button below.

And that’s it. Your integration is set.

Now, when a prospect goes through the funnel, depending on your defined user events, he/she will be added to the defined list in your CRM via WP Fusion. You will even be able to view them in WP Fusion’s logs.

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