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How To Install And Activate Mail Mint Pro

Once you have upgraded to Mail Mint Pro, the next thing to do is to activate Mail Mint Pro on your website.

To use the Pro plugin, make sure that you have the free version installed and activated on your website.

Next, follow the steps below to collect the Pro plugin and the license key, then install and activate it on your site.

Step 1 – Login To Your WPFunnels Pro User Account

1. When upgrading to Mail Mint Pro, you have created an account as a valued user. You will need to use that email ID and password to log in to your User Account.

User Login page

2. After you log in with your Email and Password, it will take you to the user dashboard.

Mail Mint User Dashboard

Step 2 – Collect The Latest Mail Mint Pro zip File

On your user dashboard, go to the Downloads tab and click on the latest version of Mail Mint Pro to download it.

Download Mail Mint Pro

Step 3 – Collect Your Pro License Key

1. Now that you have the Pro plugin, go to the My Orders tab and click on License Manage.

My Orders - Mail Mint

2. Copy the License Key from this tab.

Copy License Key

Step 4 – Install & Activate Mail Mint Pro

1. Once you have the zip file of the Pro plugin and the license key copied, log in to your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New.

2. Then, on top, click on Upload Plugin and upload the zip file of Mail Mint Pro that you downloaded earlier.

Upload Plugin - Mail Mint Pro

3. Then click on Install and then Activate it.

Activate Plugin - Mail Mint Pro

Step 5 – Activate The License Key For Mail Mint Pro

1. Once Mail Mint Pro is activated, hover on Mail Mint in your WP dashboard and click on the License tab.

Activate Mail Mint Pro License

2. Here, paste the License key that you copied earlier, in the respective field, and then click on Activate License.

3. Once activated, you will get a confirmation.

License Activation Message

And that’s it. You can now go ahead and use all the pro features of Mail Mint.

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