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Create Email Subject Lines And Preview Texts With ChatGPT

ChatGPT integration with Mail Mint will now help you to create catchy subject lines as well as preview texts that align with your email campaign goal.

Create Catchy Subject Lines With ChatGPT

To create subject lines using ChatGPT – OpenAI, first you need to create an Email Campaign. Once you create one, you should be getting the Open AI Sign in your Subject Field.

ChatGPT in subject line

Once you click on it you’ll be able to see this window appear,

ask chatgpt for an email subject line

Ask ChatGPT AI to give you a catchy subject line according to your intention,

Write email subject lines with chatgpt openai

You may choose from the various options that AI gives you or you may regenerate the results or even generate more results.

Add and refine the chatgpt subject line

Finally, Add or refine the chosen subject line however you like.

Create Catchy Preview Texts With ChatGPT

In the same way, you have added the subject line, click on the ChatGPT – OpenAI sign to generate a preview text for your email.

Select Chatgpt sign in email preview text

Once you click on there, you will be able to generate your Preview Text as you want,

ask chatgpt to generate email preview text

Ask ChatGPT to give you a preview text that aligns with your email topic click on the Send sign.

Generated email preview text

Once a preview line is generated you may use that or Regenerate and also ask the AI to generate more lines for you.

Use chatgpt's preview line

Choose the line that suits your email goal and refine it if needed.

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