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LearnDash Integration With Mail Mint

Now you can create automation in Mail Mint for LearnDash.

This documentation will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating the automation.

1. Go to Mail Mint > Automations module and click on “+ New Automation”.

Create New Automation

2. Click on “Start From Scratch” and it will take you to the Automation canvas.

Start From Scratch

3. Now it’s time to Select A Starting Point. Move on to the LearnDash tab and you will see some LearnDash triggers.

Choose one to create your automation. For this automation, we are going for the “Enrolls in a Course” trigger.

Select a LearnDash trigger

4. Then select a course, for which this automation will run.

Comfigure trigger

5. Then add any action like “Add To List”.

Add an action

6. Configure your action after that. If your action is “Add To List” then choose a list from the right side.

Configure action

7. You may add other actions to complete your automation flow.

Send email action

8. After you configure everything, click on “Start Workflow” to start automation.

Start Automation

That’s how you can easily create automation for LearnDash.

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