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Add Or Remove A Funnel Step

When creating a sales funnel using WPFunnels, you can include 5 types of funnels steps:

  • Landing
  • Checkout
  • Upsell
  • Downsell
  • Thank You

In this guide, we will quickly learn how to add or remove a funnel step easily.

How To Add A Funnel Step

  1. On the top left side of the funnel mapping canvas, you will find the option “+ Step.”
Drag and drop canvas - Add Step

2. Click on “+ Step” and you will be taken to the step creation page.

Add a step to your funnel

Here, you will get the option to choose what type of step you want to add. And for each step, you will be able to –

i. Create one from scratch (i.e. a step with a blank page), or

ii. Import a ready template for that step.

If you choose to create a step from scratch, you will be prompted to set the name of the step.

Create a step from scratch

**When you import a template, the name will be preset. But you can change it on the canvas.

Whichever you choose to do, you will see that the step will be added to your funnel canvas.

Step Added

To change the name and slug of the step, simply select it and click on the Configure icon (i.e., 3 dots), and you will get the option to change the name, and set your preferred slug to that step.

Change landing Slug or title

How To Remove A Step From Your Sales Funnel

To remove a step, select it and press “Delete” on your keyboard, or right-click on it to get the option to remove it.

Delete a step

That’s how simple it is to add or remove a step in your sales funnel.

Next, let us learn about all the available steps that you may add to your funnel.

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