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How To Delete Coupon In Mail Mint Automation

1. Go to Mail Mint > Automations and click on “+ New Automation”.

Create New Automation

2. Now go for “Create From Scratch”.

Start From Scratch

3. To create an automation, click on “Select A Starting Point” and then choose a trigger.

Select A Starting Point

4. Here we selected “Add To List” trigger and then we need to choose a List for it.

Now if you want, you can add other actions line “Create Coupon” or “Assign Tag”.

Trigger - Added to list

5. To delete a coupon, click on the “Delete Coupon” action.

Delete Coupon

6. Then select the coupon you want to delete.

Configure Delete Coupon

7. Now if you have everything configured for your automation, click on “Start Workflow” to start your automation.

Start Workflow

That’s how easily you can delete dynamic coupons in Mail Mint automation.

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