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How To Create Coupon In Mail Mint Automation

1. Go to Mail Mint > Automations and click on “+ New Automation”.

Create New Automation

2. Now go for “Create From Scratch”.

Start From Scratch

3. To create an automation, click on “Select A Starting Point” and then choose a trigger.

Select A Starting Point

4. Here we selected “Add To List” trigger and then we need to choose a List for it.

Trigger - Added to list

5. Now it’s time to add the action “Create Coupon”.

Action - Create Coupon

6. Then you need to configure the coupon. First, fill up the General configurations.

You can copy the dynamic coupon from here and use it in email.

Coupon configuration - General Settings

7. Then move on to the “Usage Restriction” tab. Here you’ll see multiple settings to make your coupon available for specific products or people.

Coupon Usage Restriction

8. Scroll down and continue configuring the coupon usage.

Usage Restrictions Settings

9. Then move on to the last tab “Usage Limits”. There you can set limit for your coupon.

After you complete all configurations, click on “Start Workflow” to start the automation.

Usage Limits

That’s how easily you can create dynamic coupons in Mail Mint automation.

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