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How To Create Marketing Automation with WPFunnels And Mail Mint

Mail Mint is now fully integrated with WPFunnels to help you create full marketing automation on your WordPress website.

That means you can design the sales funnels for your business and set up automated email campaigns and marketing automation for each of your funnel steps.

To set up marketing automations, you have to choose the triggers and set an action against them.

To make it more simple, think of what your users or customers may do in a step of the sales funnel, and then automate an action that you want to happen to convert that user as soon as possible.

Here’s how you can set up marketing automation using Mail Mint & WPFunnels.

Create Marketing Automation with WPFunnels and Mail Mint

Follow the steps below to step up different types of marketing automation using both Mail Mint & WPFunnels.

First, make sure of these:

  1. You have the free versions of WPFunnels and Mail Mint installed & activated on your site.
  2. WPFunnels Pro is installed & the license key is active.
  3. Mail Mint Pro is installed & the license key is active.
  4. You have set up some Tags or Lists for your contact list.
  5. You have at least one automation-type email campaign prepared.
  6. You have one sale funnel prepared.

Now follow these steps to set marketing automations and email campaign automations with Mail Mint & WPFunnels:

Create A Simple Marketing Automation

Step 1:

Make sure you have an email campaign of automation type ready to be used, created using Mail Mint.

Email Sequence Created for Marketing Automation

Then create a sales funnel with multiple steps using WPFunnels.

Step 2:

Click on the plus (+) icon below any of the steps of your sales funnel.

Perfect Sales Funnel to Set Marketing Automation

These options for the possible Action will appear:

Actions for Marketing Automation

Here you’ll find:

  • Send An Email.
  • Email Sequence.
  • Assign Tag(s).
  • Add to List(s).
  • Remove Tag(s).
  • Remove from List(s).
  • Delay.

Here, we’ll choose to Assign a Tag.

Tag Assigned to User in Sales Funnel Journey

Step 3:

Click on the Assign Tag option, and you’ll find an Edit icon, click on it.

Edit an Action for assigning Tag in Marketing Sales Funnel

These options for assigning a tag will show up.

Condition for Assigning a Tag

Here you can choose the Trigger of this automation action.

Suppose, you user chooses to click on your purchase button.

Assign Tag if CTA is Triggered by Customer

For this scenario, set it as CTA is Triggered.

Or you have an opt-in form on the page for signing up.

Assign Tag if Opt-in is Submitted by Visitor

In that case, you can set it as – Optin is Submitted.

Step 4:

Now you can choose the Tag that will be assigned automatically if a user behaves just in the way you want.

Assign The Suitable Tag for Marketing Automation

Type the tag title and choose it from the Tags list.

Save Conditions for Assigning a Tag

Click on the Save Changes button and that’s it.

You’ve set up a simple marketing automation.

So whenever your user clicks on the CTA button or signs up for a list, they’ll be assigned a Tag.

Create An Email Marketing Automation:

Now we’ll create an automated email campaign based on your user behavior.

Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Choose to set an Action on any other Step of the Sales Funnel.

Now choose the Email Sequence action.

Trigger Automated Email Sequence for Upsell

Step 2:

Now you’ll choose the user trigger for this action.

Conditions to Trigger An Email Automation - Marketing Automation

As you can see, this will trigger if a user rejects the Upsell offer.

Send Email Series if Upsell is Rejected

Step 3:

Select the suitable Email campaign for this action.

Send Emails with Better Offers if User Rejects Upsell

And click on the Save Changes button.

Sales Funnel & Marketing Automation in a Single Canvas

And that’s it!

From now on, if a user rejects an upsell offer, they’ll start getting the emails.

This is how you can automate your simple marketing tasks & email campaigns using Mail Mint & WPFunnels together.

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