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2.1 WPFunnels Elementor Widgets

WP Funnels is exclusively compatible with Elementor Page Builder and comes with its respective widgets to help you create successful sales funnels.

Let us look at all the Elementor widgets it comes with.

WPFunnels Elementor Widgets

There are 3 exclusive WPFunnels Elementor Widgets.

1. Next Step Button

The Next Step Button Widget is available for landing pages. It allows you to assign the type of funnel you are creating and the next step from a particular landing page.

WPFunnels Elementor Next Step Button

Here’s how to use it.

First, scroll down to the WP Funnels widget section, and drag and drop the widget anywhere in the landing, and a button will appear.

WP Funnels Landing Page Go Next Button

Button type will be selected as Checkout by default.

WPFunnels Landing Page Next Step Button Type

Click on the Next Step Button Style and design the button as required.

WP Funnels Next Step Button Content

2. Checkout Widget

The Checkout Widget from WPFunnels is available for the checkout page. Use it to place the checkout fields on the checkout step page, and customize them.

Here, you have to input or change the following:

  • Select Layout – Choose if you want the checkout fields to be in 2 columns or one.
WPFunnels Checkout Page Elementor Select Layout
  • Enable Order Bump – Option to include an order bump offer.
WPFunnels Checkout Page Elementor Enable Order Bump

If you choose to enable an orderbump, then a few more options will appear:

WPFunnels Checkout Page Elementor Order Bump Options
  • Oder bump position – Choose where the order bump will appear at the checkout.
  • Select Style – Select the design or type of order bump you want to include
  • Choose Image – Select a preview or promo image for the order bump.
  • Checkbox label – Type in the text that will appear beside the checkbox for the order bump to be accepted.
  • Highlight Text – Include a catchy heading to the order bump offer to be displayed.
  • Product Detail – Write a short paragraph about the product and its offer.

3. Order Detail Widget

The Checkout Widget from WP Funnels is available for the Thank you page. Use it to place the checkout fields on the checkout step page, and customize them.

WPFunnels Thank You Page Order Detail Widget Options

Here, you will get the following options:

  • Enable Order Review
  • Enable Order Details
  • Enable Billing Details
  • Enable Shipping Details

You may enable or disable the options, as per your requirements, to view or not view these details when the buyer is at the Thank You page.

These widgets are very easy to use and important when designing and organizing funnel.

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