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1.3 WP Funnels – Basic Plugin Overview

Here is a basic plugin overview of WP Funnels.

Once you have installed and activated WP Funnels, click on the WP Funnels menu on your WordPress dashboard.

It will take you to the plugin dashboard.

WP Funnels Basic Plugin Overview

This overview will give you a brief tour of the:

  • Overview Menu
  • Settings Menu
  • Funnel Steps Basics

Overview Menu

This is the general overview page of WP Funnels. All the funnels that you will create, will be listed here.

You can click on the Funnel name or the Edit button on the right to view, edit or configure the funnel steps.

You may click on the View button to get a preview of the funnel in action. Clicking on it will open the Landing Page in a new tab, and you will be able to go through the complete funnel process.

The three dots on the far-right side will let you either create a duplicate funnel or delete the funnel.

If you want to delete multiple funnels at once, simply select them on the left side and click on the Delete button.

Settings Menu

The settings menu contains all the options to configure the basic plugin settings.

**If you have completed the Setup wizard, then these should already be configured as per your preferences. In case you skipped the setup wizard and want to run it again, you can click on the Run Setup Wizard button on the top right side.

Under the Settings option, you will find two options.

  • General Settings
  • Permalink

> General Settings

The General Settings menu holds the following options:

Funnel Type – You can choose whether to create a sales funnel or a lead generation funnel or hybrid ones. Based on your choice here, the templates will be loaded.

Right now we only have templates for Sales funnels which includes Landing Page, Checkout Page, Order bump, Upsell and Downsell offers, and a Thank You Page.

But soon we will come up with integration to form plugins to allow lead generation as well.

Page Builder – Select your preferred Page builder here and then click on Sync templates so that when you create a funnel, you will be able to import templates for this builder only.

Once you have selected the required options, click on the Save button below and it should be effective.

> Permalink

The permalink tab will give you the option to either use the default permalink structure from WordPress, or you may use a custom slug structure from one of the three options there for your funnel steps.

For example, let’s say you selected the Funnel and Steps slug. Then below on the input fields, the text you enter will be part of the slug in the previewed structure.

So, if I use the Funnel base as Offer, and the Step base as OfferStep, the permalink structure will be https://www.yourwebsite.com/Offer/%funnelname%/OfferSteps/%stepname%/

Once you have made the required changes, click on the Save button and they will be effective.

Funnel Steps Basics

The basic menus are easy to follow. Now, let us look at some of basic settings when creating a funnel.

Once you click on Add New Funnels, you will get the option to either create a funnel from scratch or Import a template with funnel steps.

  • Choosing A Template – If you want to use a template, click on it to get a preview, and then click on Import to import the funnel steps.
  • Creating From Scratch – If you want to create a complete funnel on your own, click on the button called, Start From Scratch. Give a name to your funnel and It will take you to the following page:

You can then click on Add New Step on the left side to add funnels steps.

Configuring Funnel Steps

Once you create a funnel and add funnel steps, you will be able to start configuring them.

Basic Configuration Options

The funnel steps will be viewed in order on the left and you can click on each of them to get options to configure each step.

The following guides will help you understand how you can configure and design each of your funnel steps.

  • How To Create A Landing Page
  • How To Configure A Checkout Page
  • How To Configure A Thank you Page
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