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1.1 How to Install and Activate WP Funnels

With WP Funnels, you can easily create highly converting sales funnels easily. Today, you’ll learn how to install and activate WP Funnels.

Install And Activate WP Funnels

Follow the simple steps below to install and activate the free version of WP Funnels.

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and select Plugins. Click on the Add New button.

2. On the Keyword field, search for ‘WP Funnels’, and the plugin will appear.

3. Click on the Install Now button. Once the plugin is installed, the Activate button will appear.

4. Click on it to activate the plugin. The first time you activate the plugin, it will take you to the WP Funnels Setup Wizard.

5. First, choose the Funnel Type.

For now, we only have the sales funnel type which will allow you to create funnels using a Landing Page, Checkout page, order bump, upsell and downsell offers (coming soon), and a Thank You page.

Very soon we will introduce the lead generation funnel and hybrid funnels.

If you choose the Funnel Type “Sales Funnel”, and if you do not have WooCommerce or CartLift, they will be installed and activated before moving to the next step.
-WooCommerce is required for creating sales funnels
-CartLift is required to initiate abandoned cart recovery campaigns

Click on Next.

6. Select your preferred Builder Type

WP Funnels is compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor along with their respective blocks and widgets, and niche-specific templates, to allow you to create funnels easily.

*If you choose Elementor but you do not have the plugin installed on your site, then the setup wizard will install and activate Elementor before moving to the next step.

Choose the one you prefer and click on next.

7. Set The Permalink Structure For Funnel Pages

Here, you need to decide how you want the funnel page slugs to be generated.

You can choose the default, or you can choose the two other options to add extra texts to the slug.

Once you are set, click on next.

8. You are all set. Now that your plugin setup is complete.

Click on the button “Start Creating Funnels Now” to go to the plugin Dashboard.

9. Once the plugin is activated, you will find a menu on the left side that says WP Funnels.

That’s it. You now have WP Funnels installed on your site.

You can also get WP Funnels in the following ways:

**If you download from the WordPress repository or the GetWPFunnels website, then go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and on the top left side, you will see an ‘Upload’ button. Click on it. Then upload the plugin file, Install and Activate it.

Now that you have the plugin installed, let’s start off by creating your first sales funnel real quick, in the next guide.

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