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6. How To Import Elementor Page Templates For Funnel Steps

You can follow these easy steps to use a pre-made template for your sales funnel.

Go to your funnel Dashboard. Now click on Settings, select Page Builder as “Elementor” and Click on “Sync Templates“.

WP Funnels Sync Templates

And, Click on the Save button from the bottom Right.

Now, Go to your funnel dashboard and Click on the “Add New Funnel” button.

02 2

Once you click on the Add New Funnel button, you will get the list of imported sales funnel templates.

03 2

Now if you hover on one of any templates you’ll get two options there:

  • Preview
  • Import
04 2


If you select the preview button you’ll be able to see the entire funnel steps such as Landing, Checkout, Thank You etc.


Now, you can import a template, you can import it in two different ways. One is Clicking on a template to get an overview of the template pages.

Then, you’ll find Import button above. Click on the button to add this template to your funnel.

05 2

Or, you can directly import a template to your funnel without going to the template overview page, just hover your mouse to a template and you will get Preview and Import option.

06 2

Clicking on the Import button will directly import the template to your funnel.

After the template is imported, you will get the funnel canvas page with pre-made steps.

07 3

That’s it! It’s super easy to start working with a pre-made template.

Enjoy creating funnels with WP Funnels.

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