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Activating Sales Funnel For Courses

I assume you’ve already installed and activated WPFunnels Free and the Pro versions, and if you don’t have WooCommerce installed on your site, you can start using WPFunnels for LearnDash immediately.

But if you have WooCommerce installed on your site, there’s one more thing you need to do to use this funnel for LearnDash – which is to activate this Sales Funnel for LMS.

Follow the steps below to activate the Sales Funnels for LMS:

1. At first, create a new funnel.

2. Once you create a new funnel, it will take you to the funnel canvas.

Here, in the top right corner of the window, you will see three dots – it’s the funnel menu option, click on the dots and a menu bar will open. Select the Settings option from the menu bar.

Funnels Menu Option

Once you click on the Settings option, the Funnel Settings drawer will slide open from the right side of the window.

3. Click on the “Use this funnel for LMS only” checkbox and click on the Save Changes button.

Use this funnels for LMS only option - WPFunnels

4. Start adding LearnDash courses to your funnel.

That’s it, from now you can insert the Learndash courses in your Checkout step.

If you want to use WooCommerce products, then simply uncheck this option and you will be able to insert the WooCommerce products into your sales funnel.

But remember that you can only use either WooCommerce or LearnDash only, you cannot include products or courses from the WooCommerce and LearnDash at the same time.

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